Publisher FAQ

Q- What is performance marketing?

Performance Marketing is an internet-based lead generation process where a publisher is paid when leads are generated. The publisher controls what advertisers and ads will run on their site and where and when the ads will be inserted. This new strategy is based on the principles of affiliate marketing, a proven online pay-for-performance channel that is widely used in the consumer/retail sector by companies such as Home Depot,, Marriott, and Target.

Q- Why should I be interested in performance marketing?

Performance marketing is another channel for reaching companies that don’t or can’t afford traditional advertising. It gives publishers the opportunity to monetize unsold web space. B2B and technology companies are demanding higher ROI on their advertising investments that are measurable and sustainable. They’re searching for marketing vehicles that reduce the cost per lead, reach highly targeted prospects, and expand their presence across global markets. Performance Marketing promises to fulfill these objectives, while providing incremental revenue to publishers.

Q- What does it cost?

It doesn’t cost a publisher anything! The advertiser pays all commissions and network management fees.

Q- How do I get paid?

A publisher is paid monthly by TW Networks (TWN) from the advertiser’s pre-paid account.

Q- How is it determined if a lead meets the advertiser’s criteria for commission payment?

The prospect must go to the advertiser’s landing page to complete and submit registration. Information provided must include a bonafide name, email, telephone number, and company name.

Q- How will TWN recruit advertisers?

TWN’s parent, Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc., has over 40 clients in the U.S. and Canada and is continuously recruiting more. In addition, TWN has a full-time sales manager who is prospecting nationally for new accounts. The company also is marketing its services through outbound direct response and public relations campaigns. This national sales and marketing effort offers publishers access to new advertising clients.

Q- How do I monitor my commissions and performance?

TWN’s network infrastructure provides publishers with a password-protected Web portal that offers performance metrics broken down by advertiser and campaign. The data is updated daily and publishers have access 24/7.

Q- Will this program cannibalize my traditional ad sales?

No. Your participation in the network provides an additional revenue opportunity and is complementary to your present advertising model. You have complete control over what advertisers and ads are carried. TWN can help you acquire new advertising clients without additional sales and marketing overhead and can assist you in building new advertiser relationships.

Q- Do I have to carry the advertiser’s ads if I join the network?

No. You control what ads you’ll place on your site, their location, and the length of time they will reside there.

Q- How do I join the network?

Joining TWN is as easy as submitting an application form. TWN will handle the rest.

For the answers to additional questions, please contact TW Networks at 781-793-9389 or

Performance Advertising: How B2B Marketers Can Benefit From A New Pay-For-Performance Strategy