Starting Up with TW Networks

To start a successful pay-for-performance program, advertisers need four basic elements: ad creative, registration page, offer or incentive, and an attractive commission rate. These elements are critical to the success of any pay-for-performance campaign since publishers will be using them to gauge a campaign’s potential success with their audience.

TW Networks can help you develop any or all of these elements.

  • Online Ad Creative – Advertisers need to provide online materials in a variety of sizes, including text-based ads. Click here to view a size chart of traditional online ad formats and file sizes.
  • Registration Page – Advertisers will need to have a specific landing page with registration form for publishers to direct visitor click-throughs.
  • Offer or Incentive - Materials or offers to drive traffic from publisher website (i.e. whitepaper, case study, application note, free trial or demo, etc). Experience has shown that materials that offer expertise or domain knowledge often generate a higher rate of response than traditional product offerings.
  • Attractive Commission - TW Networks will work with advertisers to develop an attractive and cost-effective commission rate to attract publishers.

Advertisers who do not have current ad or incentive materials, or need assistance with other elements of a pay-for-performance campaign, click here, or call 1-781-793-9389.

Performance Advertising: How B2B Marketers Can Benefit From A New Pay-For-Performance Strategy