Advertiser FAQ

Q- What is performance marketing?

Performance Marketing is an internet-based lead generation process where a publisher is paid only when leads are generated. The publisher controls what advertisers and ads will run on their site and where and when the ads will be inserted. This new strategy is based on the principles of affiliate marketing, a proven online pay-for-performance channel that is widely used in the consumer/retail sector by companies such as Home Depot,, Marriott, and Target.

Q- Why should I be interested in performance marketing?

For the first time, B2B advertisers can engage in a marketing model where they only pay if results (leads) are generated. In addition, performance marketing gives advertisers the power to track and measure their campaigns’ success in real time.

Q- What does it cost?

The advertiser pays the publisher a commission for each lead that is generated. In addition, TWN charges the advertiser a network fee of 20% of the total monthly commission payments. There also is a modest start-up fee. In addition, TWN can provide campaign management services. Its sister division, Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc., offers creative services for advertising and incentives, if desired. Please contact us for an estimate of these costs.

Q- How is it determined if a lead meets the advertiser’s criteria for commission payment?

The prospect must go to the advertiser’s landing page to complete and submit a registration form. Information provided must include a bona fide name, email, telephone number, and company name.

Q- What materials do I need to start the program?

A: An advertiser will need online ads, a landing page, an ad incentive or offer, the funding of a prepaid account for commission payment, and a signed advertiser agreement.

Q- What publishers have joined TW Networks?

Please contact TWN for information on the publishers in our network.

Q- Can I control the number of publishers that carry my ads?

Yes, you can approve all publishers that want to carry your ads.

Q- Can I manage my own campaigns?

Yes. Although TWN can offer campaign management assistance, if desired.

Q- How do I monitor my leads, costs, and performance?

TWN’s network infrastructure provides advertisers with performance metrics broken down by publisher and campaign. Commission, click-through, and lead conversion data is updated daily.

Q- How do I join the network?

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For the answers to additional questions, please contact TW Networks at 781-793-9380 or

Performance Advertising: How B2B Marketers Can Benefit From A New Pay-For-Performance Strategy